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by Max Lee on March 26th, 2009
You have to look beyond every successful internet company and find out that they are all TEXT-based sites in the beginning.  Well, some sites like Craigslist is still TEXT-only. Others include Google search engine, mostly text and some new enhanced search features added but the core remains text. ...
by Max Lee on January 7th, 2009
Well, it’s that time of the year, we are not sure why we have this creative juice to make and launch new websites but here’s, a Web 2.0 blog/image/video/tag search engine. Honestly, I couldn’t go to sleep so I woke up in the middle of the night at 3am and started cod ...
by Max Lee on July 1st, 2008
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Google, the search engine googopoly, is currentloy working on crawling and indexing flash files.  This means that web designers/consultants no longer need to focus soley on SEO through non-flash files. As far as I am concerned, this isn’t really going to change up the SEO market very much as ...
by Max Lee on June 30th, 2008
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Microsoft buys Powerset, a brand new search engine, for $100 million.  Remember we reviewed Powerset couple weeks ago? Well, honestly I don’t think Powerset is worth anywhere near $100 million and I don’t know what Microsoft is trying to do but maybe it’s because their Yahoo deal ...
by Max Lee on June 24th, 2008
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Well, today I will explain to you a little details on how search engines work and how knowing about this “secret” can help your blog grow 2-3 times. When I first started blogging, my blog was on a shared server with about 10 other sites.  After my blog got “digged” several t ...
by Max Lee on June 24th, 2008
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Here’s comes Twellow, a search engine for twitters basically.  I typed, “zedomax” and found my twitter account which is cool I guess. Beyond that, there are other functions like you can search by categories and whatnot. I think this is a really good idea as search engines have pr ...
by Max Lee on May 28th, 2008
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Belgian Newspapers sue Google for having their headlines and excerpts appear on Google News.  This only helps Bengian Newspapers and brings them traffic. Why is Belgian Newspapers suing Google? Not because Google is scraping their content (which Google is and all social network sites are to some po ...
by Max Lee on May 26th, 2008
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Xoost, a new beta search engine, was just launched. It’s a new search engine that let’s search sites through what seems like Google API, Yahoo API, and LIve search API. Basically you get all three major search engines in one plus you get to tag and bookmark all your searches. On top of ...
by Max Lee on May 22nd, 2008
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Microsoft must be really on its last resort to offer cash back to use their search engine.  I’d still not use it just because their results suck. Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) unveiled plans Wednesday to entice advertisers and users of its search engine with cash-back savings on online purchases, la ...
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