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by Max Lee on June 8th, 2009
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I am starting to find that Twitter is becoming increasingly useful for people to stay in touch with its readers or even promote a new e-book.  I won’t go into details about how to do that here, but David over at has an extensive DIY guide on how to do exactly that. Kat has pumped ...
by Max Lee on May 24th, 2008
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Hi all, I’ve been really busy blogging and also working on my new ‘Blogging for Dummies” E-book.  Basically, it will feature all the reasons why your company should have a blog plus how to get online visibility in months instead of years. It’s gonna take me some time so hold ...
by Max Lee on May 15th, 2008
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Lauren from Vocus, parent company of, gave me a call yesterday to let me know about the new Small Business Edition for PR and Onlinne Marketing they just launched. Basically, it’s an additional Press Relations tool that can help small business owners to improve their online visibili ...

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