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by Max Lee on February 13th, 2010
Above is a graph showing the dominance of Facebook over MySpace and Twitter “eclipsing” MySpace. Is MySpace dying?  You betcha it is. Why? Myspace is like the pager when cellphones came out, they haven’t really done anything drastic to improve their site usability. What could MyS ...
by Max Lee on August 31st, 2008
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MySpace Founder Tom Anderson was a Serial Hacker in the 80s! This famous image of Tom at MySpace isn’t correct since Tom Anderson is now 37 but regardless of the fact that Tom on MySpace isn’t real, Tom Anderson is a real hacker from the 80s and have history of hacking Chase Manhattan Ba ...
by Max Lee on May 13th, 2008
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MySpace wins a big case against so-called Spam Kings, Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines.  Great job against fighting spammers! Wallace and Rines spammed MySpace by creating their own accounts and stealing the passwords of others. They then went on to mass message users an estimated 735,925 times. E ...

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