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by Max Lee on October 27th, 2008
Here’s a cool AJAX app someone made using Google’s custom search engine. Basically, this AJAX search engine will search stuff on Wikipedia as you type, just as AJAX was designed for. Check it out, it might help you think of other good AJAX apps to make. via lifehacker ...
by Max Lee on September 10th, 2008
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Dr. Pic is All-AJAX style Free Online Photoshop! Dr. Pic is an All-AJAX style free online photo editor that lets you modify pictures online.  What I like most about this new site is that it’s free and all AJAX based for fast processing. Nich sent us a link to his project, Dr. Pic, an all AJAX ...
by Max Lee on May 25th, 2008
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AjaxDaddy give you some real good free code sniplets on various different Ajax implementations. Although I don’t have use for this as I prefer from-scratch Ajax coding, this can be very useful for anyone who’s not familiar with Ajax technology. For Your Reference, what is AJAX? AJAX is ...

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