Windows 7 Selling Like Hotcakes!

Microsoft sells 100 MILLION licensees of its newest operating system Windows 7 and Steve Ballmer couldn’t be happier.  Of course, I personally think Microsoft has actually done a good job with Windows 7, revamping their Vista failure image.

One of the features I like about Windows 7 is the fact that it’s “backward-compatible” with older version of Windows XP and Vista.

Plus, many of the Windows Vista drivers are compatible with Windows 7.  There’s still lots of driver-support for older computers (if the vendor doesn’t provide it) but apart from driver issues, Windows 7 is definitely the wave of the future for PCs.

Don’t forget about Ubuntu though also, I have been using Ubuntu more often and have to say Ubuntu is on its way to the hands of the public masses soon too if not already.

via engadget

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