Google Wins Lawsuit Against Louis Vuitton!

Google recently won a lawsuit against Louis Vuitton where Louis Vuitton sued for copyright infringement for allowing trademark bidding.

Some companies want to limit choice for users by extending trade mark law to encompass the use of keywords in online advertising. Ultimately they want to be able to exercise greater control over the infomation available to users by preventing other companies from advertising when a user enters their trade mark as a search query. In other words, controlling and restricting the amount of information that users may see in response to their searches.

Today, the Court confirmed that Google has not infringed trade mark law by allowing advertisers to bid for keywords corresponding to their competitors’ trade marks. It also confirmed that European law that protects internet hosting services applies to Google’s AdWords advertising system. This is important because it is a fundamental principle behind the free flow of information over the internet.

We should also note that Google has a system where Louis Vuitton can submit their trademark to forbid bidding from other companies. (But obviously, I don’t think they have.)

Plus, my argument that other companies should be able to bid on Louis Vuitton is mainly that Google’s audience is Google’s, Louis Vuitton didn’t do anything in this case to bring the actual web traffic.

Well, it looks like this is a big case that’s going to close a lot of doors for future, similar lawsuits. And I think it’s a good ruling, what do you think?

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