IBM Layoff 800 People in IBM Australia!

IBM has just reported they will be moving more of their business to Asian countries such as China and India. In the process, they will be laying off 800 people in IBM Australia.

This is only part of 3,000 IBM employees layed off this week.

IBM seems to be having its own trouble at this tough economy. For those of you who are going through the layoff, my kindest regards and you shouldn’t have trouble getting another job if you’ve worked at IBM right? At least that’s a positive outlook to come out of this.

It was reported that IBM plans to shift more business to China and India, IBM thinkpad t20 Battery will lay off 800 people in Australia.

Australian trade unions – the Australian Services Union, said they were notified that, in addition to Australia’s federal government services, staff, other services, post will be transferred to lower-cost China and India. Layoff notice will also be issued within the next few months.

via usnewsdot

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