Japan about to be hit with Tsunami as a Result of Chile Earthquake! [Live Video]

Above is a “live “video of Kuji harbor, where the tsunami resulting from Chile could be hitting any minute.  Scientists in Japan predict that the tsunami will be a maximum of 3 meters or about 10 feet.  People are still asked to evacuate as they cannot be 100% sure.

As some of you well know, there’s been tsunamis hitting many parts of the world today including Hawaii as a result of recent Chile earthquakes.

I was watching the whole Hawaii tsunami earlier today for few hours. Luckily, Hawaii escaped the whole trial with no devastating results.

In the meanwhile, Japan is to be hit with tsunami waves any minute. Japan was also hit with a 7.3 magnitude earthquake just a day ago. That could have set off more tsunamis in other directions of the world.

Above is a live video I found of Kuji harbor in Japan, where the Tsunami is supposed to hit, expected at 10 feet.

As I am watching the live video, I can hear public speakers warning people to evacuate.

My prayers go out to those who have died in Chile and pray that tsunami doesn’t hit Japan too big.

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