Is MySpace Dying? How can MySpace Make a Comeback?


Above is a graph showing the dominance of Facebook over MySpace and Twitter “eclipsing” MySpace.

Is MySpace dying?  You betcha it is.


Myspace is like the pager when cellphones came out, they haven’t really done anything drastic to improve their site usability.

What could MySpace do to make a come back?

MySpace needs to re-invent itself through better user interface.  Their old, cluttery user interface might have work for a long time but we can clearly now see Facebook’s advantage lies over its clear, easier-to-use user interface.

Other than that, there’s a whole lot MySpace can do to make a comeback, there’s still enough activity to do it.

But if MySpace doesn’t do anything (like it hasn’t for past 10 years), they will have to file Chapter 4 eventually.  I personally wish MySpace 2.0 came about.

MySpace could leave all of their old content alone, just make a Web 2.0 version of it, mix it with a Digg/Stumble-like URL shortening bar, more social media aspects, and BAM!

Damn, I wish I was the CEO of MySpace, I would at least DO SOMETHING, not just sit around lazily until the company crumples into the ground, if it hasn’t already.  Damn, I say, what an opportunity lost.

It’s like Yellow Pages sending me paperback Yellow Pages every 6 months when they “know” it’s going to end up in the recycling bin.  Hello, McFly?

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2 Responses to “Is MySpace Dying? How can MySpace Make a Comeback?”

  1. Annie Says:

    They should go back to the original 1.O; 2.O Designs because more users perfered these types of layouts; if Myspace is guna keep changing the site dramaticly without the users knowing more people are guna ditch MS : ]

  2. Douglas Says:

    Myspace is indeed dying! I recently switched (or as they would say “upgrade”…LOL) to 3.0 from the 2.0 configuration. Myspace has eliminated CSS Customization on all 3.0 profiles and has also changed the location of the advertisement banner from the original (& reasonable) location on top of the page right into the middle of the profile!

    Myspace wonders why they have lost users galore to Facebook?

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