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twitlistmedium, a user recommended Twitter List search engine, has just launched their beta stage.  It’s a site where Twitter users can recommend great Twitter lists they find, sorta like #FollowFriday except you are recommending lists.

If you are a Twitter user, we highly recommend you to check out the new  user recommended Twitter Lists on!

Press Release:

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 5, 2010 —, a brand new Twitter-app site (not affiliated with Twitter), is launching today and aims to gather the best of Twitter Lists from Twitter. Their website,, focuses on user recommended Twitter lists where any Twitter user can recommend their favorite Twitter lists.

“I think the hardest part about communicating via Twitter is the time involved with trying to find people similar to yourself or your niche. is aiming to make finding like-minded people easy.” – Josh Whitford, co-founder of
Twitter lists are lists that Twitter users can create themselves by adding other Twitter users of their interest. For example, a Twitter user could make a list called “TV shows” where she can follow all of her favorite TV shows that have Twitter accounts. This new feature, Twitter Lists, was introduced by Twitter in October 2009., aims to change how Twitters use Twitter by building a list of the most “recommended” Twitter lists and building a list search engine for every Twitter user.

In layman’s terms, aims to become the “list” of Twitter lists where people can easily find other Twitter users of their interest through recommendations.’s effort for community recommendation search engine will eventually allow new Twitter users to have a ton of great recommended Twitter users to follow. In the near future, when gathers enough recommendations, team will introduce the “List Search Engine” where Twitter users would be able to search for the most recommended people in their field of interest and with ease.

Currently, Twitter itself provides recommendations for new users but these are not based on people’s votes. By providing users to recommend their favorite Twitter lists for others, the co-founders Max Lee and Josh Whitford believe this will make Twitter more usable and easier to grasp for those new to Twitter and seasoned veterans who are searching for better Twitter tools for finding new information and people. Plus, the democratic nature of the site will appeal to more people who are not yet familiar with Twitter and are willing to listen to community recommendations.

On top of user recommended Twitter Lists, builds on “master lists” that are built by the recommended lists. These “master lists” will ultimately list the most recommended(listed) Twitter users first, thereby allowing Twitter users to easily identify the best people to follow on Twitter or so-called “experts” in that category.

For Twitter users who are interested in recommending Twitter lists to others or want to find out what all the fuss is all about, you can head over to to recommend your favorite Twitter List.

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