2009 Christmas Online Revenue Up!


According to ComScore, online retailers have had a good holiday sales as their revenues are up, more than previous years.  I think this is the trend as more and more shoppers are turning online for better deals.

The major snowstorms hitting the eastern seaboard over the weekend appear to have given holiday e-commerce an additional boost, resulting in the heaviest online spending week on record at $4.8 billion,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “Consumers have clearly continued to spend online later into the season this year, with several very strong spending days in the most recent week including the heaviest online spending day in history – Tuesday, December 15 with $913 million. Retailers have been very aggressive with late season promotions while informing consumers that they could still get their purchases shipped in time for Christmas, and these tactics seem to be paying off.”

I don’t think the snowstorms have actually contributed much, this is simply a trend of traditional, retail shoppers going online.  If you look at the previous years, online sales revenue has steadily increased.  Perhaps they should have increased even further this year.  But still, the end result is rather satisfactory as online sales are up this year.

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