Google Chrome Operating System Coming Soon!


I have been using Google’s Chrome browser since its launch and I have to say, it’s much faster than even Firefox. (and of course, let’s not mention how slow IE is, regardless of version)

Google will be launching Google Chrome operating system which aimed specifically at cutting down unnecessary services on your computer and allowing faster application speeds.

I can see many netbooks that could benefit from this but I am not sure how Chrome OS will support things like 3D rendering and stuff that need a lot of processing power.  Plus, what I’d really like to know is if you can run Windows programs on Chrome OS natively, that will be something we will have to wait for.

Of course, if software manufacturers started making Chrome OS versions of their sofware, it will definitely change the ball game forever and perhaps one day Microsoft will be obsolete.

Well, it’s fun to keep guessing what will happen next.

You can actually download Chrome OS source code here and try to install it yourself.

HTML5, we want the web to apps as well as they do natively. We’ve been working hard on this. We want web apps to be able to use system resources the same way. Graphics is one example, we need a way to access to the GPU. Audio/video playback is key. And we need apps to work offline. We’re working with the other major browser vendors to make sure HTML5 comes along.

The growth in netbooks is amazing. Growth is exploding despite the recession. Ultra thin, ultra light computers. The trend is clear that we’re moving to web applications – not desktop applications. It’s the most successful platform out there right now. We’re moving from laptops down to netbooks on the regular computer end. On the other side we’re going from phones to tablets – these are all computers. Laptops are becoming more like phones too – always on connectivity.

via techcrunch

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