Apple and AT&T Hit with 2 Class Action Lawsuits!


Apple(AAPL) and AT&T(ATT) has been hit with two class action lawsuits for failure to make MMS in time.  I think this proves the point that they are simply not doing something right, especially with the recent problems with Google(GOOG) and Google’s GoogleVoice.

I don’t think this will be the last class action lawsuit either, I think there will be plenty more unless Apple and AT&T starts cleaning up their act.

It isn’t the first, and I assume it’s not going to be the last either.

Apple and AT&T are facing a new putative class action from an iPhone user who alleges that the companies misrepresented the phone’s MMS (multimedia messaging service) capabilities.

Clyde Bernard Franklin filed the complaint (case 1:2009cv00704) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama on behalf of all Alabama residents last Wednesday. I don’t have proper access to the court documents at this point so it’s a bit unclear what the allegations in this particular case are exactly, but there should be more information about the details available shortly.

via techcrunch

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