Google’s PowerMeter Hits UK Residents!


Since yesterday, every resident in the United Kingdom can now watch how much energy they use on a daily basis using Google’s PowerMeter.

Google (GOOG) has announced the launch of PowerMeter with UK’s only energy supplier first-utility.

For one, this allows every UK resident to be aware of exactly how much energy they are using provided in real-time via PowerMeter and hopefully, save energy over months to come.

According to Mark Daeche, first:utility’s CEO, “At the end of the day, if you can’t measure and view your energy use, it’s very difficult to make savings.”

This is so true, especially since residents can see how much impact they have on their energy bill by turning off unnecessary gadgets and appliances in their house.

Furthermore, this might prove to be a good testing ground for future integration of Google’s PowerMeter in the U.S. or other countries.

I think if Google’s PowerMeter is implemented all across the globe, it certainly will help us determine how much energy we can save as members of our mother earth.  Otherwise, we will never know accurately and PowerMeter also serves as an additional audit for energy companies from charging more than we use.

Google is also partnering with AlertMe, a self-install consumer device manufacturer and our first partner with a product available in the United Kingdom. Starting today, AlertMe customers in the UK can access their home’s data through Google PowerMeter on their iGoogle homepage. In just a few minutes consumers can access their home energy data from anywhere they can access the Internet. Pilgrim Beart, founder and CEO of AlertMe noted, “Our partnership with Google PowerMeter puts your home energy consumption right in front of you every time you go online.” Check out this video to learn more about how you can start monitoring your home energy use today.

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Also see Google’s PowerMeter video posted months ago when they first starting working on the prototypes:

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  1. lu Says:

    how much energy does Alert-Me consume? Clearly accessing and transferring data looks like a clean energy but it does consume energy or doesn’t it?

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