Secrets Behind Google’s Design!

I have always been intrigued by how simple Google keeps their designs, almost minimalist styles if you have noticed.  According to this new article/interview by, that is exactly what Google design team is doing, to focus on the “search” users:

Search is such a fragile interface. It’s humbling to see how the slightest changes in design, just pixel-level changes or barely perceptible changes to colours, can have such a dramatic impact on usage and revenue. At Google, we’re in a unique position to measure the impact of design on the business, and we take advantage of that opportunity to make design decisions based on evidence.

I’ve been studying their homepage for years now and it’s relieving to see someone working at Google explaining how they do things.

Another thing, if you have studied Google homepage’s code, every bit of code is compressed literally into 1 line, I guess this makes page loading a bit faster.

I just feel that design is actually one thing driving Google and others to use Google more for daily searching.  Even Bing can’t keep up because their homepage is too confusing.  *hint*hint

Well, that’s all I will say for now, I think if other search engine providers want a bigger share of the search engine market, they will actually have to make their homepage simpler, not cluttered with more non-search stuff that users can do.  Focus on one thing, make users take one action, that is to “search” and end up in vicious cycle of “search”.  Then they will love your search engine.  Just my 2 cents on the search engine industry. :)

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