New Google Search Buttons, Have you noticed?

Today, I saw TechCrunch’s article on how Google has changed their search buttons to be more “sexy”.  I went over to and lo’ and behold, the new search buttons!

However insignificant this sounds to you, it’s very significant for me as I have been studying Google’s simple homepages for over 3+ years now.   I do see that their homepage’s simplicity has more to do with their success than anything else. (even Google’s algorithm)  Even top-notch marketers like Seth Godin points out in his books of how Google’s simplicity might be what makes people use Google more.

Of course, I can go on and on about what Google homepage’s secret is (and in fact I have written a white-page about it.  #IndustrySecret) but let me just say it’s so sexy now, I do like it over the web browser’s default buttons.

via techcrunch


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2 Responses to “New Google Search Buttons, Have you noticed?”

  1. James Brooks Says:

    Hah, I knew I saw something different when I was on Google the other day!

    They must be testing out a whole load of new features, at college, Google faded in for me to display the whole page when the mouse is moved!

  2. Max Lee Says:

    Wow, interesting, I’ve been hearing that too but I don’t think they will actually implement the fade feature? or will they…

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