10/03/2009 3:32AM – Google Search is Down and Adsense, Adwords, GMail, holymoly.

Wow, I never seen anything like this before.  (Couple weeks ago, GMail was down, but not EVERYTHING!)

First, I couldn’t access my GMail.

Second, I couldn’t access my Adsense.  I also noticed that most my blogs are right now even showing ads.

Third, I went to search on Google for what GMail is down, and Google search seems to be down too.

Holy moly.   Well, I hope everything is fixed by the morning.  I hope nothing bad happens as my business practically runs pararrel with Google.

4:11AM – Things are looking better, Google.com is up but slow.

At first, I thought it was just my cable internet connection that was acting up but this could be the first time Google search is down for a long period of time.  – not good.

I check on Twitter and it seems that a lot of others are experiencing the same things right now.

4:16AM – I was about to goto sleep when this happened.  Well, seriously getting some sleep first!

4:21AM – Google search seems to be coming back alive, slow but sometimes works.

4:30AM – Crap, everything is still slow, oh well, gonna have to stay awake for this one.

4:53AM – Google still down, I am getting worried, it’s been over an hour now!

5:18AM – Google seems to be officially up now for good, thank god,  heading to sleep now.

Tips for browsing web when Google is down – Also, I noticed other websites on the interwebs is loading slow, try turning off Javascript. (like Digg)

GOOGLERS, please fix now please!

Well, don’t be too alarmed though, it seems like this wasn’t the first time so…

I am now actually using Bing to check the status of Google and also Twitter search.

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2 Responses to “10/03/2009 3:32AM – Google Search is Down and Adsense, Adwords, GMail, holymoly.”

  1. PTyson Says:

    It was down and yet when you check their status page it shows no report of any outage. I am on the east coast. I was even getting errors when pinging Google. They are not very forthcoming on their outages. The status page is a joke.

  2. techno2day Says:

    I face the same problem sometimes, google hardly opens sometimes and some times my adsense ads wont show up and they never last long maximum they last for few mins and it will be back to normal. If google goes down then it means I am out of my business too.

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