What Does The Internet Think?

As more and more years go by in this Web 2.0 world, we will begin to see more and more sites that have a full sentence domain name such as this WhatDoesTheInternetThink.Net, which aggregates search engine data to show negative or positive results on any given query.

Well, being the powerful entity that it is, the “internet” ought to have a mind of its own now, doesn’t it? Which is why this site called whatdoestheinternetthink tries to demystify those nagging questions which have, until now, remained unanswered. whatdoestheinternetthink analyses the search results from popular search engines (Google
, Yahoo & Bing), and categorizes the final result on the topic as being Positive, Negative, or Don’t Care. It also colorfully depicts the percentage of search results that fall under each of these three categories, along with a short summary of this topic being discussed on Twitter.

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