Microsoft Planning Evil Ads to Attack Apple's Mac Pricing!

Microsoft is planning an ad campaign that will attack Apple’s Mac pricing and I have to say this is another sorry effort by Microsoft to take down Apple when they should really be focusing on how great their products is.

Attacking another company has never been asset for Microsoft.  They should really focus on their Windows 7 (which I admire them for making, Vista still SUCKS).

One participant named Lauren was told to buy a 17″ notebook for less than $1000. She was then filmed entering an Apple Store where she couldn’t find one. Lauren then heads to Best Buy and selects a $699 HP machine running Windows. That experience was turned into a 60 second TV spot for Microsoft after the agency told the buyer that the purpose of the excursion was really to promote Windows.

via appleinsider

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3 Responses to “Microsoft Planning Evil Ads to Attack Apple's Mac Pricing!”

  1. KFC Says:

    When you buy an apple some argue you pay for the software. If this were the case, an OSX license is 129$ from the apple store, almost the same as vista business premium.

    The hardware for the macbook is basically commodity hardware (common hardware in parts lingo). There isn’t anything special about it, that argument doesn’t hold. So what are you paying for? The marketing machine, nothing else. Why would someone pay for overpriced shit.

    Please also note that this is coming from someone that does not use windows either (I’m an avid linux user and have been for years), but microsoft has a damn good point. If the hardware’s the same what are you paying for? A high priced fashion accessory and status symbol for weakminded fools. The opiate of the masses if you will.

  2. Max Lee Says:

    True, I have to agree both Microsoft and Apple are evil, I rather use Linux too.

  3. xeno Says:

    My Xubuntu machine is twice as useful as my mac.So i made the xp machine strictly a gamer.And the mac only exsists because
    i was dumb enough to buy one.It has caused way more problems than the other two combined and their both PCs.I would NEVER TRUST any important data to an apple.WHAT A TURD!!!!!-xeno

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