How to Save AOL!


Before the days of free internet, there were dial-up services like Prodigy, CompuServe, and AOL.  Of course, CompuServe used to be real big and Prodigy too, until AOL took over during the days of internet infrastructure.

Anyways, why has AOL failed as of lately?

They simply are not a necessary component of the web anymore.  All the information that used to be provided from AOL was useful until millions of competition on the internet showed up.

For even deeper analysis, check out this cool post on how to save AOL:
(I don’t think they try to be Yahoo, they simply disintegrated due to fierce competition of the web.)

  • Simultaneously, AOL should have continued to “develop multiple web brands, with or without AOL logo,”  under Netscape, ICQ, Winamp or AIM branding.
  • Steve Case should have never let Time Warner execs under the covers.
  • It’s not too late. AOL should go back to selling “A Premium Service, just like AOL used to market it. A choice between free Web Interface and AOL Classic experience for a modest fee. The content will be the same, it is the way that it renders that will make the difference.”

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