Google Voice Search Coming to BlackBerry!


GoogleMaps were working on Voice Search not too long ago, now Google will be releasing Google Voice Search for Blackberry, a plus for Crackberry user like me.  I think they are a little behind Microsoft as they launched TellMe voice search service last year but heck, as I always say, “Right Time at the Right Place” is more important than anything and I think Google has actually released their product at the right time, which is today, not last year.

Good job Googlers, I will have to try this when I am driving on the highway next time, hungry for KFC or Taco Bell.

Suppose you’re vacationing in London, and you have a craving for fish and chips. With the My Location feature enabled, you can just enter “fish n chips” into Google Mobile App, and it will return the fish and chips restaurants closest to you. No need to type in “fish and chips near SW1W”. And since Google Mobile App displays search suggestions as you type, you may only need to type part of the query before “Best Fish n Chips in London” pops up as a suggestion. We’re a fan of anything that saves keystrokes on the way to deep-fried British goodness.

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