Don't Turn your PC ON at April 1st, Conficker Worm Coming!

Well, the whole internet world is flopping at the idea that this Conficker Worm could be activated this April 1st, also April’s Fools Day.  We don’t think it will be THAT serious but just in case, we advise you to use a Linux or Mac computer on April 1st and leave your PC to OFF position.

Now, I am wondering if the Virus experts have tried turning their clock to April 1st to see the effects, maybe I should try it…

The scariest thing about the Conficker worm is that literally millions of infected Windows PCs could be linked together to do its bidding. The second scariest thing is that no one really knows what its creator is going to do with this virtual army on April 1, when it’s scheduled to contact a server for instructions. It’s so bad, Microsoft has a running $250,000 bounty for the author, dead or alive. (Well, they probably want him alive, but they hate his guts.)

via gizmodo

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