Twitter Hack – How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts!


Well, I have like a gazillion Twitter accounts due to the fact that I manage so many blogs but here’s a bunch of great apps you can use to manage all your twitter accounts in one screen without logging in and out of each one.

Here comes the ultimate place for multiple twitter accounts. They have it all in my opinion, and do it quite well. This is a professional suit all in all. They let you add a bunch of twitter accounts. You have all your replies and DMs. You can send the same message to all your accounts by selecting the profile image you want to send it to.

via gissisim

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  1. Amit Desai Says:

    I have been having trouble managing multiple twitter account and decide to do some research myself. I used several twitter tools for a period of one week and have shared my analysis here analysis here

    Let me know your views on the analysis

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