Find the Sale rapist Facebook group!


It looks like some people are trying to catch a rapist using Facebook.  The only problem I see is that the CCTV screenshot doesn’t really show clearly enough of the rapist other than he seems like a black man, 200 pounds maybe?  I think we will run into more serious issues like catching the wrong guy.  Just don’t grab another black man, around 200 pounds and expect to find a rapist, that would be BAD, more like racial-profiling, not catching the bad guy.

Well, you never know though so if you want to help, sign up for Facebook group Find the Sale Rapist here.

The group, titled “Find the Sale rapist”, contains CCTV images of the suspect and details of the attack in Manchester last August.

Anyone recognising the man, who is described as white and in his 40s or 50s, is urged to contact police on a number provided.

via telegraph

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