YouTube Hack – How to Embed Multiple Videos in One Player!

Embedr is a new website that lets you embed multiple videos from multiple sources (including YouTube, MetaCafe, and more), and let’s you create 1 embed code that lets you go through your favorite videos in one player.

Above is my 3 videos from the Super Bowl weekend, done in just 5 seconds. I like the fact that the site lets you create playlists without registering.

We created Embedr because we needed it. We simply wanted a way to put all our favorite videos from all over the web in one place. Since then, Embedr has evolved to service a multitude of different applications.

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2 Responses to “YouTube Hack – How to Embed Multiple Videos in One Player!”

  1. Edward Says:

    I’ve gotta try the embedr.

  2. Harry Says:

    How did you embed the playlist from embedr to your own website or this page you published? I see how to do it from their site but not how to embed the whole thing to your site/page.

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