Drop Entrecard “Literally” and start using SiteHoppin Widgets!

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One of our biggest websites we created is called SiteHoppin.com.  It’s a site that let you browse and bookmark the web in a new way.

Anyways, I have been working very hard on this project as of lately and the video is here to show you why you should use SiteHoppin widgets over other competitor brands out such as Entrecard or Spottt.

The answer is simple, save time and bring more traffic to your blog/website by using SiteHoppin Widgets.

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3 Responses to “Drop Entrecard “Literally” and start using SiteHoppin Widgets!”

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  2. Cathy @ juicer Says:

    I like the 1:1 idea and this could be a thing that benefits all users. Of course, if you manage to prevent abuse like BlogRush received. We should never underestimate people, their will to gain something without giving anything and their ability to game the system.

    I know that SiteHoppin is growing, I wasn’t there for a while, but did my time some 10 months ago with the beers and all that ;) I wish that you make something really great with it.

  3. Max Lee Says:

    Well, thanks for the input, highly appreciated it. Yes, Blogrush’s main fault was their rugged system that could not check for abuse by itself and further tarnished their image by banning blogs for no reason including all of mine.

    I think for any site to be successful, you need to ban the real splogs and not the real bloggers themselves.

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