GMail Hack – How to Use GMail as MP3 Player (or Storage)!

Although many probably already have noticed now, GMail can be used to store your MP3 Files and play them without separate MP3 player such as WinAmp or Windows Media Player.

I am not sure if this will work on the iPhone but it’s definitely a great idea if you can upload your favorite songs to your own GMail and E-mail then simply access them from any computer in the world.

You will see the option to “Play” when you open your E-mail in GMail and Google will “pop” a free MP3 player.

I believe this also works on many other audio formats.

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5 Responses to “GMail Hack – How to Use GMail as MP3 Player (or Storage)!”

  1. brandon alan scofield Says:

    can we use it to play on website as themesong for blog ?

  2. Computer Guyz Says:

    Cool.. I didn’t realize this previously.. Gmail rocks!

  3. brandon alan scofield Says:

    I use it, it work ! it really work ! thanks :)

  4. Tort King Says:

    Gmail can’t be hacked. That’s b.s. My computer guy said it isn’t possible.

  5. mgparrish Says:

    Tort King

    DUH This works you damn fool, try it.
    Your “computer guy” is a damn fool too.

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