Apple Sued by Taiwanese MP3 Maker!

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Luxpro, Taiwanese MP3 maker has sued Apple claiming that Apple has monopolized the MP3 market:

Filed in the United States District Court Western District of Arkansas, Luxpro says in the lawsuit that “Apple has sought to stamp out the competition using various schemes” and “has repeatedly used unfair tactics against other smaller manufacturers.

Although I’d sue Apple for deceptive advertsing of the iPhone, in this case, I don’t think Apple has crossed the line.

Luxpro is suing Apple for the damages it has caused while Luxpro had to change its MP3 Player’s name and re-launch it:

In 2005 Luxpro showed its newest product at the CeBit tradeshow in Germany. The “Super Shuffle” was a bit too much like Apple’s iPod shuffle and Apple applied for and won injunctive relief from a German court. Luxpro later renamed and relaunched the product under the Super Tangent name.

Well, I think the point here is who made iPod shuffle first, Apple or Luxpro?

My advice to Luxpro is quit whining and make new products but then, this is another example of how corporations will go to the far lengths in order to take someone down.

What’s your thoughts?

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