30+ Firefox Image Video Plugins!

Mashable has some great 30+ Firefox Image Video Plugins you will want to use for fast and speedy blogging.

Do you have another one that’s better than these?  (Leave a comment)

    Backgroundimage Saver – Helps you save the background image of a page even when hidden behind a transparent GIF.

    BatchDownload – Assists you in downloading multiple image links at once.

    Bazzacuda Image Saver – Will cycle through your open tabs, if any tab has an image and nothing else, the image will be saved and you can have the tab close automatically.

    Downloads in Tab – Moves the download manager to a tab.

    Download Manager Tweaker – Open the standard download manager as a separate window, a new tab, or the sidebar.

    Download Statusbar – Rid yourself of the pop-up download window and manage everything from your status bar.

    Download Sort – Automatically save downloads to different directories when using “Save Link As” or “Save Image As”.

    DownThemAll! – Download one link or multiples, has a built-in accelerator.

    Facebook Photo Album Downloader – Download complete Facebook photo albums.

    FlashGot – Download one link, selected link, or all the links on a page.

    Image Download – Download all the pictures and filter by width, height, type, create sub folders and more.

    Image Toolbar – Provides one click to image actions such as downloading.

    Launchy – Enables you to open links and mailtos with the external applications of your choice.

    OpenDownload – Adds functions similar to IE’s ‘Open’ and ‘Run’.

    PDF Download – Checks every link to see if it is a PDF, if it is, it gives you the option to open it inside or out Firefox, download it to a folder or view it as HTML.

    Pterodactl – Saves the largest image on the page, in all tabs, and renames files to keep from having conflicts.

    Save As Image – Saves the currently displayed tab as an image creating an instant screenshot.

    SafeDownload – Automatically scan downloaded files for viruses.

    Save Complete – Aids you in saving complete webpages.

    Save Image In Folder – Save images to special folders on your hard drive.

    Save Images – Saves images from the current tab’s cache to a specified location.

    Save Link In Folder – Save links to special folders on your hard drive.

    Screengrab! – Saves the entire web page as an image.

    Sourceforge Direct Download – If you frequently download from Sourceforge, this will help you skip the mirror selection step.

    ScrapBook – Helps you save portions or entire webpages and then organize them.

    TiX Now! – Improves downloading speed from Rapidshare and MegaUpload amongst others.

    Video Downloading

    Amazing Media Browser – Scans a page for embedded media and helps you download the source files.

    Download Embedded – Provides the ability to download several forms of media.

    Download Helper – Will extract content from many different sites.

    Fast Video Downloader – Can save videos from around 60 video sites.

    GetVideo – Provides access to the direct path to get the video.

    Google Video Downloader – Adds a button to the status bar to save videos from Google Video.

    Media Pirate – The Video Downloader – Gives you the ability to save videos from approximately a dozen sites.

    PimpFish Basic Toolbar – Capture video files from numerous sites.

    UnPlug – Scans a web page for media players and tells you where the media files are stored so you can download them.

    Video Download – Adds a simple right click command to download videos from numerous sites.

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    One Response to “30+ Firefox Image Video Plugins!”


      you give me complete list of firefox plugins …

      but is compatible with firefox newest editions versions 3.0 ?
      I think my favorite is Getvideo … download video from direct path

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