Interesting Blog Promotion Tools I have been experimenting with…

Well, as a blog marketer, I have to use the latest top-notch tools for promoting all of our blogs and here’s a couple of tools I have been experimenting with:

Zimbio – Zimbio is a news syndication site where you can feed your blog feeds.  It’s basically an additional way to promote your content.  I haven’t got that much traffic from Zimbio but you can basically strengthen your SEO and content exposure free simply by signing up and submitting your blogs.

ClipMarks – ClipMarks is a “clipping” tool that lets you easily clip images, text without having to upload images or use the default WordPress platform.  After you clip, you can easily link up your blog to publish automatically.  Although they do not support tagging, I love Clipmarks as you can blog very, very fast.  This isn’t for every blogger but it is great for any blogs that needs fast content.  You can’t get any faster than this.  You can see an example of how I use ClipMarks to promote my travel blog here.

Here’s a video demo of ClipMarks:

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One thing you need to check for is how “big” a social network is, if there’s no traffic, it’s probably a waste of your time to use it.  There’s thousands of ways to promote your blog but you need to stick with the top-notch ones in order to get ahead.   If you look at Zimbio’s traffic stats right now, they are going up a lot and it’s a great time to get your blog syndicated.

Well, I am in search of new ways to promote my blogs so if you know any good ones, please do leave a comment.

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2 Responses to “Interesting Blog Promotion Tools I have been experimenting with…”

  1. Missy Says:

    Will take a look at Clipmarks. Anything to speed things up is good.

    Have you ever done blog carnivals? This is another good way to promote, as far as backlinks.

    Speaking of which, have you heard of such a thing as sandboxed at a certain PR?

  2. Glenny Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for recommending zimbio! i didn’t even know that these sort of things existed! Many thanks for the tip and the review

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