Google Korea buys Korean version of WordPress!

Google Korea buys Korean version of WordPress!

Google Korea buys Korean version of WordPress!

Google Korea buys TnC, a blogging software company who has been making blogging software similar to WordPress. (Basically a Korean version of WordPress).  I have personally tried their software and it is not bad to say the least.

Just like Google bought Blogspot, this might be a sign that blogging in Korea has just started.  As far as I know, South Koreans has a long history of community blogging, they have yet to develop as commercial blogs.  (Perhaps they are a little behind in that arena but don’t be fooled, South Koreans have their own “WordPress” per-say and that’s just only one of the companies making a blog software.

WordPress still leads and will keep leading the world’s blogging software platform but great buys like this will allow Google to re-create their own WordPress market, starting with a beta test in South Korea. (I think they are testing the grounds before doing something similar in the U.S.)

I think this is a good move on Google’s part as their advertising network of Adsense and AdWords truly go hand-in-hand with blogging.

Even better than Google’s Blogspot deal, this TnC deal will be taking over the actual open-source blogging platform, not a website.

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