Google Working on Video and Search Results!

The other day, I accidently used Google Korea ( to search “zedomax” and found that Google has been working on new video and image search results.

Basically, the new video and image search results replace sponsored ads for certain search terms to improve users’ search experience.  Now, these results go away though when there’s sponsored ads.

I think this is a really great idea as Google is now having to compete against search engines like Cuil where search results are displayed with images.

Google and Yahoo has always been testing out their new stuff in other countries.  When the beta tests are done, I expect it to see on the regular English Google soon.

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One Response to “Google Working on Video and Search Results!”

  1. Missy (from G34 Media) Says:

    I wonder if this was a precursor to Chrome? Sounds like it. Sure enough, 5 days later Chrome comes out.

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