Google says Bell’s internet throttling is illegal, shouldn’t “any” throttling be illegal?

In recent news, Bell has been accused by Google for throttling certain internet traffic in Canada which illegal under Canadian telecommunications law.

I am glad that Google is getting behind this since they have some power to deal with.

I think internet throttling is just a scam for telecommunication companies to make more money off consumers.

By throttling internet, big online businesses like Google, Yahoo, and AOL will get affected since it means less traffic in the long run.  Throttling might be the worse way to make someone pay for internet, especially since internet has been growing steadily.

They had throttling way back before the internet, when Prodigy and AOL were fighting for customers.  Both Prodigy and AOL used to have pay by hour.   But AOL started offering $10/month for unlimited dial-up access, which proves why AOL got real big while Prodigy just died.

Returning to the point, throttling isn’t much of a problem in the long run as I foresee that at least one telecommunication company will offer unlimited internet and they will get all the customers.

As far as I can see, telecommunication companies throttling internet are simply shooting themselves in the foot.  People by in large control how companies dictate their policies, not the other way around.  Let’s start by boycotting Bell, whatever that crap is.

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