Google working on crawling and indexing “Flash”!

Google, the search engine googopoly, is currentloy working on crawling and indexing flash files.  This means that web designers/consultants no longer need to focus soley on SEO through non-flash files.

As far as I am concerned, this isn’t really going to change up the SEO market very much as even if flash files can be crawled and indexed, that’s still going to require a traditional internal infrastructure for the flash files, meaning simply more work for the same thang.

Q: What content can Google better index from these Flash files?
All of the text that users can see as they interact with your Flash file. If your website contains Flash, the textual content in your Flash files can be used when Google generates a snippet for your website. Also, the words that appear in your Flash files can be used to match query terms in Google searches.

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