Digg’s new Recommendation Engine rolling out soon.

Digg, a very popular online social networking site, has announced that its going to implement a new recommendation engine that will find users stories based on their past voting habits compared with other users.

I think this is a very smart move on Digg’s part as they are making another reason for people to use Digg.

As said in the video, Digg has been previously plagued with overwhelming amount of information while there not enough pixels to list ALL the top stories at Digg.

With this new feature, I am hoping to find Digg a more useful service for finding new stories to blog about.

The Recommendation Engine is a cool way to discover new content on Digg. Now that there are more than 16,000 stories submitted to the Upcoming section every day, it’s difficult to sort through everything to find the best content. The Recommendation Engine uses your past digging activity to identify what we call Diggers Like You (who you can see on the right hand nav) to suggest stories you might like.

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  1. Leaked Pics of Digg Recommendation Engine — The Zedomax Network - Profiling Web 2.0 Companies at the Speed of Technology and Tools for Bloggers. Says:

    [...] ← Digg’s new Recommendation Engine rolling out soon. [...]

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