Wikia relaunches their Google-Killer search engine!

Wikia relaunches their Google-Killer search engine!

Wikia, a search engine developed by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has relanuches yesterday with some new features.

What is the new feature?

Well, now you can edit the search engine results themselves on Wikia.

What did I do?

Well, I had to edit the results for George Bush, it’s not me, it’s a web thing…

Let’s see how long it stays on there…

Now, you can directly edit search results, annotate results with content from other sites and even delete a site from search results with one click, not just for yourself but for all users. Because we use Ajax, everything happens immediately without reloading the page. And as in Wikipedia, all edits are tracked in recent changes. All the same wiki-style tools keep control in the hands of the community.

Our Verdict

The new feature of being able to edit the search engine results makes it more fun to use Wikia.  In the long run, Wikia might be able to be a “Google Killer” as Web 3.0 has been predicted to be human powered search engines, which has already proved true in Korea, where a human powered search engine Naver takes over 90% search engine market share, Google Korea and Yahoo Korea at less than 5% each.

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