Craigslist Dominates the Internet Job Market by 10 Fold!

Craigslist Dominates the Internet Job Market by 10 Fold!

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As you can see in the above graph, Craigslist gets about 50-100 times more web traffic.

Even in my own experience hiring people in my previous business ventures, I always do get more job resumes within the 24 hours period than I want.

In comparison, Monster does horrible as far as helping the Employee and the Employer. I remember submitting my application to 2,000 jobs after college and “no one” got back to me. Well, no one got back to me on Craigslist either. I eventually moved out of the country and got a job in Korea, that was 2003.

Lol, well at least now I can give the middle finger to any employer out there, “DON’T HIRE ME, FUCK YOU! I DON”T WANT A JOB!”

Okay, that’s a joke but still, Craigslist really needs a Web2.0 design update in my opinion. I know that text-design works great for mobile phones but come on, it’s 2008 for godsakes!

I stopped using Craigslist because of its horrible text layout. As a CSS expert, you cannot use Craigslist unless you were selling off your mom as a prostitute to pay your house payments as the very very last resort.

Here’s Craigslist’s prices for job postings:

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  1. Zedomax.Net Web2.0 Crunch… | - Obsessively profiling DIYs, Hacks, Gadgets, Tech, Web2.0,and beyond. Says:

    [...] Craigslist needs to update their graphics… Google Adsense will be available for RSS feeds, more money for bloggers. [...]

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