TwittURLy – Real Time Popular URL Tracker!

TwittURLy - Real Time Popular URL Tracker!

With all the people trying to make money by piggy backing on Twitter, here’s another cool app that might make a million bucks using that strategy.

TwittURLy is a real time tracker of popular URLs on Twitter.

It looks like a good idea and if they can implement a “category-based” updates, it might even do better.

Twitturly operates similar to, however instead of users voting sites up or down on our site, we monitor the Twitter public timeline for links inside the Tweets and consider each tweet with a link in it as a vote for that URL.

A major benefit of Twitturly over other popular news outlets is that Twitter often has the information first, thus anyone watching Twitturly will usually see news break before any other outlet has it.

We use a proprietary algorithm to sort the links on our homepage so the most popular and recent ones appear closer to the top.

via mashable

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