Pizza Hut Launches Adobe Flex Application!

One of my favorite pizzas, Pizza Hut, launches Adobe Flex Application.  Basically, you can order using their desktop Adobe Flex app instead of the traditional online ordering.

Mind you, I was an employee of Pizza Hut about 10 years ago.

The new Flex application also lets the user view their older orders as you can see here: (my last order)


The great advantage of an Adobe Flex app like this?  I don’t have to wait for the site to load and ordering is much quicker than using Pizza Hut’s online ordering system.

Adobe Air is a wonderful platform, no doubt about it. Still, who thought it would hit the mainstream quickly enough to get the attention of a multi-national restaurant chain like Pizza Hut? Jay Hathaway of DownloadSquad brings to our attention this release, which you can pull off the Web to start ordering that deep dish immediately. You can place all your usual orders as well as save some of your favorite configurations for quick repeat ordering. Perfect for the college crowd. And the startup crowd. Even the blogger crowd!

via mashable

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