Innovative Marketing or Scam Marketing?

Innovative Marketing or Scam Marketing?

In an effort to test how stupid social networking can be, has posted a fake story where a 13 year old steals his dad’s credit card to buy hookers.

Although the original story has been updated as, “This story is a parody and is not intended to be taken seriously,” we can take a lesson on how to drive traffic to your website through an innovative marketing. (or is it scam?)

Regardless whether the story is true of not, this concept has proven to bring about 6,000 backlinks and made front page of digg.

Interesting fact is that the story was intended to target the keyword, “credit card” on search engines and I bet whoever is behind this did profit a little just couples days of this stint.

What can you learn from this?

Well, do not go out there and write a fake story but use something “viral” that everyone will find “unbelievable” or “looks too fake”.

When posted a story titled 13 Year Old Steals Dad’s Credit Card to Buy Hookers, the idea was that it could be read as a humorous parody piece that could get attention from social media sites, yield quality backlinks, and draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors. The backlinks would help the site achieve higher rankings on search engines, especially for the target keyword phrases that would include the words “Credit Card”.

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