AjaxDaddy give you free easy to use Ajax code!

AjaxDaddy give you some real good free code sniplets on various different Ajax implementations. Although I don’t have use for this as I prefer from-scratch Ajax coding, this can be very useful for anyone who’s not familiar with Ajax technology.

For Your Reference, what is AJAX?

AJAX is simply a combination of XMLHTTP, Javascript, and PHP to bring you “refreshing” of pages without reloading. You can read more about it here, here’s some books I also recommend you reading to get started:

JavaScript and Ajax for the Web – This is the best book to get you started with AJAX, I’ve read all the others ones but not as comprehensive and easy to read as this one.

Ajax Hacks – This book has lots of little tips and tricks for your Ajax code, definitely recommended if you are serious about Ajax development/learning.

AjaxBuddy, a free repository of Web 2.0-style site tools, is great for site owners who don’t have time to learn an entire programming language, or just need a starter block of code to get building. Grab free, easy-to-modify code for Flickr-like editing fields, quick-loading slideshows and tabbed galleries, instant graphs, date-choosing calendars, and dozens more examples.

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