Trapster is a cell-phone social network for Speedtraps!

Trapster is a cell-phone social network for Speedtraps!

Here’s a very interesting social network for cellphones.  Basically with Trapster, users can easily notify the locations of speed traps at the push of a button.  You can download their software which works on most blackberries and PDAs to be alerted and also alert drivers about speed traps.

Good idea?

Yes, this might have a good long term potential sorta like

It all started, of course, with the radar guns used by police officers to detect speeders. Then came radar detectors used by motorists who wanted to skedaddle faster than posted speed limits. Then police began using laser units which are more effective and more accurate than radar guns and so on and so on.

Now, the latest “upgrade” in this ongoing game of high-tech one-upmanship: Trapster. Trapster is a service developed and run by Pete Tenereillo of Carlsbad, Calif., and is essentially a cell-phone social network that allows motorists to hook up with one another for the purpose of issuing real-time alerts about the location of speed traps.

Trapster works like this: Go to the Web site, and sign up for a free membership. Then download the Trapster software to your cell phone or PDA. Tenereillo said that most current-generation cell phones, Blackberries and other PDA’s can accommodate the Trapster software.

Then, you’re ready to hit the road. And once you’re tooling down the highway, if you spot a state trooper or city cop lying in wait with a radar gun or laser unit, you just need to punch in “pound one” on your cell phone — or dial a toll-free number. Other users are then alerted on their cell phones or PDA when they approach the same speed trap.

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