YouTomb documents all videos taken down by YouTube!

It’s amazing what people can come up with these days, especially on those “piggy-back” strategies to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and other big social sites.

YouTomb is a site that documents all videos taken by YouTube but you can’t watch them! … isn’t that funny?

Lol… check it out, it might have an early “death” beat by early-adopters…

(Actually, this IS a really good idea, sorta like the internet timeline archive thingee)

Ever wonder exactly how many videos are taken down from YouTube because of copyright violations or other reasons? So did the folks at the MIT Free Culture student group. They created YouTomb to document all YouTube videos that have been taken down. It is currently tracking 177,000 videos, and counts 4,394 that have been taken down for alleged copyright violations.

via techcrunch

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