TripKick lets you find “the” best hotel rooms!

TripKick lets you find \"the\" best hotel rooms!

TripKick isn’t your ordinary Hotel review site, it let’s you find the best rooms based on the floorplan and other details.

This section is divided into different categories based on what room features are most important to you.

Quiet Rooms, Corner Rooms, Rooms with Great Bathrooms, Preferred Views and Floors.

Rooms Ending In: This Number Represents the Last Two Numbers of the Room Number to Request. IE. “02” could mean 802, 902, 1002, 1102, 1202 etc.

Generally, most rooms ending in the same number are identical in layout, only the floor number changes along with the view in some cases.

Some floors are better than others. Pay attention to which floors to choose and avoid. Some hotels have opted to renovate specific floors, or add amenities by floor.

There are some rooms which you should simply avoid. Why should you avoid them? Well, we have chosen specific factors such as elevator noise, small size and poor location as reasons why to avoid these rooms.

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