Facebook threatened by Google’s Friend Connect

In a recent launch of Google’s (GOOG) Friend Connect, Facebook has banned Google’s access temporarily until Google complies to Facebook’s specifications of sharing private data.

It’s hard to tell whether Facebook will ban Google completely but I think they are really trying to protect their own privacy policies at this point.

The day that Facebook goes public, I am buying shares though.

The fact is that Google is taking perfectly adequate steps to protect user privacy with their Friend Connect product, and it is a useful product for users. After talking with both sides, it seems to me that Facebook is relying on a very convenient catch-22 to stay out of Google’s network. They are the ones in control of their own API functionality, and they could add features that fix this problem. Until they do, there’s nothing Google can do to remedy the “problem,” and the walls around the Facebook garden get ever higher.

via techcrunch

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  1. Bubble Alert - Facebook Traffic Declines 10% in April — The Zedomax Network - Profiling Web 2.0 Companies at the Speed of Technology and Tools for Bloggers. Says:

    [...] The news that Facebook traffic declines 10% in April isn’t something that’s going to affect them much other than their private share holders.  I think Facebook will continue to grow but they will definitely have to open up to Google at some point and stop being so anal about their API …. [...]

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