How to increase web traffic from zero to 200 visitors per day in a week!

Quantity still rules in the Blogging World - Part II

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To prove that quantity rules in the blogging world, I averaged about 5-10 blog posts per day on this site, over the last week or so.

Before that, I rarely updated the site and wasn’t trying to bring any traffic.

As you can see, with lots of hard work blogging, you can easily go from 20-30 visitors to 200-300 visitors within a week or two as seen in the above statcounter graph.

Now, my next goal is to hit around 500-1000 visitors within the next 2 weeks. I probably won’t achieve it but it’s a good goal.  On the other hand, there is also good chance I just might get there if I push to 24 blog posts per day.

Another secret I can tell you about why “quantity” works is that Google search engine is “all” about finding new information fast and giving that to the consumers.

The reason why the top 100 bloggers have minimum of 24 posts per day is because our world is full of information. Think of how many new things that happen daily. Do you think you can cover all the new information in just 24 blog posts? No, the answer is that who ever is providing new information quicker to the search engines will get a boost in traffic from the people who search for that information.

Now, the secret is, “you gotta blog about something new”.

If you look carefully, almost every blog post on this blog was about some new company that launched something. Next time someone wants to find out about that new company, guess who’s getting that traffic?

Well, enough about blogging secrets, you will have to wait till next time for more. Make sure to subscribe to the blog!

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7 Responses to “How to increase web traffic from zero to 200 visitors per day in a week!”

  1. Driving Mocs Says:

    That is quite interesting idea. Lets assume I started to blog about shoes – moccassins – (or at least I plan to start if I have time) do is there any trend watching tool I could use for such product related website?

  2. Max Lee Says:

    You can always use Google Alert for new blog posts:

    and also link to other big blogs. Don’t just write a blog post, link a lot to other blogs, that’s the secret.

  3. Missy Says:

    24 posts per day…..hmmm…..holy smokes.

    I’m gonna need a new set of fingers, butt, and lots of coffee. LOL.

    I believe you are right, though. It makes sense. OK, off to write some more stuff. Yikes!

  4. Max Lee Says:

    gogogo! every min. is a blog post lost… lol

  5. Peter Says:

    2 week now, i hope you have reach 500-1000 visitor.

  6. Profit Blogging Tips Says:

    24 post a day? I think it’s impossible to do it manually. You must be using automated blogging tool. I think one post per day is quite enough for search engine to crawl our blog frequently.

  7. vrajesh Says:

    good post..but i think for long term traffic quality of the post is more important..

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