Eco-Friendly and Green Search Engine Gooef Launched!

Keetsa Blog, an eco-friendly and green blog in the Zedomax Network, launches, an eco-friendly and green search engine.

We did launch and last week, we figure these search engines are fun and decided to add more.

Keetsa launches a new eco-friendly and green search engine called,

We decided on acronyms ef for “eco-friendly” since and were taken. Besides, Gooef is a lot shorter than Googreen.

How to use it?

Well, we’ve handpicked some eco-friendly and green blogs and sites so you only get eco-friendly and green search results.

For example, you can type “designer bags” on Gooef and get a good list of eco-friendly designer bags back as the result.

Here’s a current list of sites included in the new eco-friendly and green search engine: | | | | | | | | | | | |

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5 Responses to “Eco-Friendly and Green Search Engine Gooef Launched!”

  1. Victoria Everman Says:

    Very cool news, and an honor to see that my site is included. :)

  2. Max Lee Says:

    Ha sure, no problemo. :)

  3. Driving Mocs Says:

    I played with it little. It is google custom search (which is OK) but I dont think it orders the results based on relevancy (or what). I think the “strong” domains go first. With many searches I got treehugger first…

  4. Max Lee Says:

    Well, treehugger has a lot of resources, that’s probably why but the results are based on which site still is more relevant on that topic.

  5. GoFinditNow Says: is another great green search engine. Thanks to a black background the Google based search site saves up to 15 watts of power. Web site hosting energy is offset by renewable energy credits. Give a try.

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