Yahoo Buzz is bigger than Digg!

Yahoo Buzz is bigger than Digg!

I did a post about Yahoo Buzz when it came out couple months ago over at our Dot Com site, it looks like Yahoo’s (YHOO) Yahoo Buzz might be way bigger than Digg after all.

Digg will still hold its traffic as it has been steady with a large number of bloggers using the service.

For Yahoo Buzz to get even more popular, they need to open it up to all the bloggers, not just via invites.

I am sure this will happen soon and Yahoo Buzz might take a big share of the social networking market.

Furthermore, Yahoo Buzz has a more diverse audience than Digg. While Digg’s young, male, techy audience has been the stuff of legend since the site’s beginnings, 51% of Yahoo Buzz’s visitors are women. This doesn’t matter much to the users but it does matter a great deal to the advertisers; another legend has it that diggers never click on ads, and this might not hold true for Yahoo Buzz.

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