NextBestAction – Twitter-Clone Launches its Microblogging Platform

NextBestAction - Twitter-Clone Launches its Microbloggin Platform, what seems like an evil entrepreneural brother of Twitter, launches its microbloggin platform. From what I can tell, the startup lacks a lot of visual graphics. But perhaps that could be their selling point, just like Craigslist looked horrible. (and still looks horrible!)

While to the untrained eye, it looks like a mess of dialogue and conversation bits– sort of like a nerdy im conversation with lots of links and nonsense. However, it’s more than meets the eye. NextBestAction uses the concept of microblogging and the Twitter phenomenon with the purpose of better business. It’s Twitter for the entrepreneurial spirit. If you want business or management advice, or if you want some good old fashioned philosophy, NextBestAction’s a good place to go. So far, it’s very beta and doesn’t look like much, but it’s a interesting use of the platform.

via killerstatups

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