Alefo Launched, sorta like iGoogle and Netvibes

Alefo Launched, sorta like a bad version of iGoogle and Netvibes

Alefo was just launched, an Israeli based start page that seems to mimick Netvibes and iGoogle.

I honestly think they got a lot of catching up to do but maybe that’s why it’s called “pre-beta”.

Israeli based Alefo is a news/personal aggregator that is taking on iGoogle and Netvibes. The site allows users to compile their favorite RSS feeds, Widgets and what they dub ‘site shots’ which basically consist of parts of other websites, to paste onto a personal homepage. You can add Site shots, by taking a screenshot of any webpage and selecting the parts you want to see; they open up as moveable small windows on your homepage.

via killerstartups

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  1. Uri Says:

    I think that the big difference between Alefo and the other two sites you’ve mentioned is that in Alefo, the user can select any content from any website, and get that piece of content aggregated to the personal homepage. Of course, the content is always up to date. It’s not a screen-shot of the content that was there when the user made the selection. This is something that I haven’t seen on any other similar service…

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